Privacy/Cookies Policy

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This Privacy Statement explains how the CTSA Members (a collaboration consisting of Emory University and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, by and on behalf of the University of Georgia, hereafter the “CTSA Members”) aims to protect and respect your privacy when using the Empowering Purposeful Advancement of Careers and Training in the Research Workforce (“eMPACT”) system. Please check this page on a regular basis for any updates to the Privacy Statement.

Web Security

  • eMPACT is a web-based career navigation system that supports and advances clinical and translational research workforce development. eMPACT uses a secure, central database that stores information about users (each a “User”) who may want to use the products and services, including job and training information, assessments, training and job recommendations, documents, educational resources, and career development resources and tools available through the eMPACT site. All eMPACT information sent between the web server and User’s browser will be encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.

Cookies and Collected Data

  • Cookies. Cookies are files that many websites transfer to users’ web browsers to enable the site to deliver personalized services or to provide persistent authentication. The information contained in a cookie typically includes information collected automatically by the web server and/or information provided voluntarily by the user.  The eMPACT website uses essential cookies for user login and user session management as well as tracking cookies for data/analytics reporting.
  • Use of Collected Data. So that eMPACT can be improved for you and other Users, the CTSA Members may look at some of the information below:
    • Web Data
      • The CTSA Members may collect information that tracks how visitors use the eMPACT website, the date and time of a visit, the pages accessed on the site, and the web address that led them to EMPACT. This information will be anonymous, which means it will not have your name attached to it.
    • eMPACT User Data
      • The information that you enter when filling out the web form to become an EMPACT User will only be used for the ways stated in the Copyright Statement and Terms of Use.
      • Any User Data that a User has authorized the CTSA Members to release to any researchers or studies is no longer controlled by the CTSA Members.
      • The CTSA Members hope to learn how well the eMPACT tool works to promote the purposeful training and career advancement of the clinical and translational science workforce. Because of this, the CTSA Members may collect information from Users about your participation in trainings and career development opportunities that you are matched with through eMPACT. The CTSA Members will only use this information in a way that keeps you from being identified.
  • Use of Data in Research. Research studies may be performed using the data collected through eMPACT. If this type of research is done, eMPACT Users will not be able to be identified. The CTSA Members will try and post any known findings from studies that may involve eMPACT on the website.

Information Sharing

  • Information on your eMPACT User profile will only be used for the ways described in the Copyright Statement and Terms of Use.
  • To meet federal or state laws, your profile information may be reviewed. Those who review this information may be staff from the United States Office for Human Research Protections and the Institutional Review Boards at participating institutions. These persons or groups may not be legally required to follow the rules listed here and in the Copyright Statement and Terms of Use, so they may release your information. All reasonable efforts will be made to keep your personal information private and secure.
  • The information you enter may be kept and used in the future unless you choose to delete your profile from eMPACT. If you delete your profile, all of the information tied to you will be removed from the eMPACT database.
  • The CTSA Members will not sell, lease or rent any of your information to others.